Post-COVID business is going to challenge organisations like never before. The pandemic itself was clearly a challenge, a crisis. Many companies didn’t make it; some got by; a few thrived. It affected companies across the globe. Vaccines are helping to bring the virus under control, and we can see a resurgence in the economy. And some inflation too, but that’s a different story. Strategy and organisational culture are challenged. Work from home or work from work is a bigger issue than one might imagine.

I’m spending time looking at the organisational culture issues and considering the strategic shifts some enterprises…

Grinding through injury. Diagram of the knee from the front, illustrating the lateral and medial meniscus.

Grinding through injury. Yes, I’m working my way through an injury at the moment. After an intense block of training, my knee has started to complain. A visit to the excellent Rebecca Root tells me that I have “upset” a meniscus — the inner medial meniscus, to be exact. I guess my 64 + 6,400 training month resulted in some damage which eventually caught up with me.

A short daily routine has been prescribed. Early days as yet, I still end up each day hobbling and with the knee visibly swollen. Knee injuries haven’t been something that has troubled me…

Dealing With My Depression

Living with antidepressants is something I deal with as I seek to better my mental health. I wrote about my struggle with depression here and mental health issues in the business world being taboo. I expected that someone somewhere would use my disclosure against me at some stage. This hasn’t happened. What has happened is that many people have reached out to me publicly and privately to say it was a helpful blog post. …

First Project 64 Goal

My knees creak a little bit. I’ve put some lean muscle on, according to my Withings Body Cardio. I think it’s around the quads and glutes, given the fit of my shorts. I did complete my 6,400 bodyweight squats in May. I’m very pleased. I missed a couple of days when I was swamped and another when I was a bit under the weather. That made for some mighty testing makeup days, including one where I did 600 squats. Project 64 is on track.

I got into a groove early, do 50 squats, pace up and down, then 50 more…

Why Project 64?

It’s my 64th birthday today. When I was young, I remember that was an age when people were winding down — a lot of retirement talk. My parents and their parents and broader family looked old at that age. They looked worn down by life. Their health wasn’t as good. Environmental and social habits didn’t help; for example, heavy smoking was a feature. The schedule was retirement, a few more years of declining health, and then death in the early to mid-seventies.

No one beats time, and no one cheats death out of the invoice it presents. Many people, especially…

United Fans Boiling Over

Is football business or a game? Manchester United fans have been simmering for a while and yesterday they boiled over. The press will focus on the dangerous, idiotic behaviour of a handful. But beneath that, it’s worth noting that thousands of peaceful fans turned out to protest. In recent years tens of thousands have protested.

They are protesting at the ownership of the club by the Florida-based Glazer family. Their unrest is at the massive amounts of debt injected into the club balance sheet and the cash siphoned out to the Glazers. I’m already stumbling over words. I instinctively typed…


I’ve set myself the May Challenge of doing 6,400 bodyweight squats. I did 200 yesterday and today the dreaded delayed onset muscle soreness is wreaking havoc with me. As I type this I have completed my first 100 for today; I want to break day two into three or four blocks, to help me adapt.

Manager Or Entrepreneur?

I was asked last week if I regarded myself as an entrepreneur. It’s a good question. A few months ago, I received an anonymous email from someone suggesting that I was deceiving people by writing a blog post on entrepreneurship. So am I an entrepreneur, or am I kidding myself? Does it really matter what I regard myself as? In one sense, I started as a classic entrepreneur, leaving corporate life, putting up a good chunk of my savings and launching a startup. …

Lockdown & Mental Health

I live at work. A year ago we had a company day at Old Trafford and I remember talking about the exciting year ahead. At the time I believe there were single figures of COVID cases in the UK. The virus was almost an abstract concept. A month later we sent all our office-based staff to work from home. At the time it was an inconvenience. Now lockdown and mental health have become prominent issues for many of us.

A few weeks later it was apparent some colleagues were struggling with working from home. Huge uncertainty emanating from governments and…

Stephen Moon

CEO of performance nutrition company. Executive coach. Startup investor. Generally curious. London based.

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